Why Those Other Places?

About those other places we traveled to:
  1. Rome & Vatican City: My husband had a milestone birthday in December 2014, and to celebrate, we went to Rome and Vatican City. I had visited these places as a child with my family, but this was Ed's first visit. We both have an interest in history, so a visit here seemed a good choice.
  2. Ireland: My grandparents were Irish immigrants; I still have relatives who live throughout the country; and my parents live in Arigna for part of each year. I'd visited Ireland several times previously (in 1983, 1988, 1992, 2007, and 2008). Since I completed a graduate degree in English (Rhetoric and the Teaching of Writing) from Northern Arizona University in May 2015, Ed, who had never been to Ireland before, and I decided to spent some time in Dublin and the rest of the country as a combination celebration/vacation.
  3. Australia: I thought it about time to start visiting countries that were not, you know...in Europe; I wanted to broaden my horizons (despite Australia being English-speaking). Since I'm a teacher, and any long vacation needs to happen in the summer, coming to Australia in July had the added bonus of being much cooler than the Intermountain West desert heat we deal with.

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