Monday, July 20, 2015

(Northern) Ireland, Day 8: The Gortcorbies, the Causeway Coastal Route, and Dunluce Castle

Ed and I left my parents in Co. Roscommon this morning, and headed north. Tomorrow we're planning on seeing Giant's Causeway, it took us longer than anticipated to reach our destination. We did have a lovely drive; although it rained at the beginning of our drive, the weather eventually cleared, and we had some gorgeous views. This was a view of Gortcorbies in County Derry, in Northern Ireland. It's an area of special scientific interest because of its species-rich west grasslands. Such grassland, now a rare habitat in Northern Ireland, tends to occur only where traditional farming practices have been maintained.

From Ireland (2015)

During the last segment of our drive, we also drove partly along the Causeway Coastal Route, which we'll drive more of tomorrow.

Our original plan had been to stop by to see the nearby Dunluce Castle, a now-ruined medieval castle that was built in the 13th century by Richard Óg de Burgh (1259-1326), the 2nd Earl of Ulster; however, we arrived at the castle a few minutes before closing, so we plan on exploring more of the castle tomorrow. It looks like a very good site to explore.

From Ireland (2015)

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