Monday, July 13, 2015

Ireland, Day 1: Kilmallock

Today was a quiet day: Ed and I picked up our rental car at the airport; Ed decided he wanted to drive around today, but because many rural Irish addresses aren't informal at best, my parents and two of my mother's cousins met us at our hotel to help us navigate the drive back to cousin Mike's farm, where Ed and I spent the day with my mother's cousins Mike, John, Anne, Mary, and Pauline at John's farm in Kilmallock, in County Limerick.

We missed Anne's husband and John's wife (an American whose name also happens to be Michelle) - John himself only stayed a few minutes - but John's and Michelle's little girl stayed, as did Pauline's two little ones; Mary's husband (another John) stayed, too, and the lot of us had a dinner that Mike, Anne, and Mary cooked. Mike also walked some of us around his farm - he showed us his honey-making bees - although it was a bit too mucky to take us out to the cows, which were further afield.

Ed had never been on a farm of any kind before, let alone an Irish farm, so he got an introduction to rural life. If you look closely, you can see Mike's cows in the distance.

From Ireland (2015)

The driving itself went much more smoothly than we had thought. My mother drove with Ed and me to Mike's farm, and was able to provide very helpful impromptu driving tips. After we left Mike's farm, we were able to drive back to our hotel without any trouble.

The weather has really been in our favor so far; although it drizzled on us early in the day, it's been overcast but with lovely temperatures in the low 60s. At the moment, ensconced in our hotel in the Georgian Quarter in Limerick City, we have the windows open, and we can hear seagulls.

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