Friday, January 2, 2015

Vatican City: Tickets and the Order of Mass

I had brought a digital camera with me to Italy and the Vatican, but I ran into a problem whereby within the first week, my camera's battery died, and I had forgotten to pack its charger. This wasn't a tremendous problem since I could just use my iPhone's camera. However, sometimes photography was not permitted, or the quality of the pictures I took was not good, or simply I didn't even try to take pictures because it was too dark or I would not have been able to get the picture I wanted. Fortunately, postcards tended to be readily available, so I bought a representative sample (there were so many good ones, I could have bought them all, but there are, in fact, limits.) I took to scanning many of the postcards today.

I also scanned our tickets to the Papal Audience we attended on December 17th, 2014: This is the front of the ticket; the back had the Our Father in Latin.

From Rome & Vatican City (December 2014)

This is the front and back of the ticket we needed to gain admittance to the Vigil Mass of the Solemnity of the Birth of the Lord.

From Rome & Vatican City (December 2014)

Both Ed and I have missals that we use when we attend Mass at home - although we've gotten out of the habit, since our local church has missals available in the church itself - but we didn't bring them with us for this trip, mostly because of space (not that they're that big, but I'm not sure I could have fit both of them into my purse). I do have a few apps that include the Order of Mass - iBreviary, Universalis, and iMissal each have the Order of Mass but each has different additional features as well, such as the Liturgy of the Hours, other prayers, rites, etc. - that I have been known to use when away from home; especially when traveling internationally, when the Mass is said in another language, it can be helpful to have an English missal so the readings can be followed. (The Mass is said in the same order with the same readings regardless of where one attends Mass throughout the world, but the rhythm of the language is different, and obviously one can't be fluent in each language. One can be easily sidetracked when surrounded by people saying the Lord's Prayer in another language.) Since I had these apps, we would read the readings in English as they were being read in another language, and say the appropriate prayers aloud (albeit quietly) when the rest of the congregation would say the prayers in another language.

Yet sometimes it was really nice to be able to say the prayers (badly) in the language of the church where we were. The last Sunday we were in Rome, we attended Mass at St. John Lateran. This is the first page of the four-page missal for the week of December 28th, 2014: the Feast of the Holy Family. These seemed to be distributed throughout the city, as we had seen them during Mass the previous Sunday at St. Mary Major. All the prayers, readings, and responses were included.

From Rome & Vatican City (December 2014)

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