Saturday, January 3, 2015

Rome: Basilica di Santa Prassede Postcards

The Basilica di Santa Prassede, a 9th-century basilica, was a tenth of a mile away from our hotel - literally around the corner; it was one of two churches I wound up visiting on my own one Saturday afternoon.

The Basilica features a a piece of the scourging column of Christ. An oratory dedicated to Prassede was first built here by Pope Pius I in about 150 AD, but the remains of this have not been located with any certainty. The current church dates from the early 9th century. Pope Paschal I (817-824) erected this basilica to replace the decaying 5th-century church and to house the neglected remains of saints that he had removed from the abandoned catacombs. What's truly remarkable about the Basilica, though, are its mosaics, especially in the Chapel of St. Zeno (a fourth-century bishop). This is St. Prassede (also known as St. Praxedes), located in the aforementioned chapel.

From Rome & Vatican City (December 2014)

The apse of the Basilica is also quite magnificent:

From Rome & Vatican City (December 2014)

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