Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 19: Miðlína Bridge

We didn't have a chance to do much before we caught our flight late this afternoon, but the last thing we did before we departed was to make a detour to walk across the Bridge Between Continents, which is more formally known as the Leif the Lucky (or Miðlína) bridge. The bridge spans the Álfagjá rift valley (60 feet wide and 20 feet deep) and marks the boundary of the Eurasian and North American continental tectonic plates.

It was almost a bit difficult to find the location of the bridge; there were no signs, no address - it's best described as being about 7 km south of Hafnir on road 425. Finally, we saw a small sign, but that sign was the only indication of the bridge.

It was cold, and windy, and the rain was coming at us sideways, which is why we look a bit squinty. (Here, we're standing on the North American side.)

The landscape was stark and almost lunar. (I'd read recently that when the American astronauts were in training for the Apollo mission, they were sent to Iceland for training purposes because at the time it was thought that the moon's surface might be similar to Iceland's.)

It seemed fitting way to end our honeymoon.

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