Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 17: Landakotskirkja, Grasagarður, and Perlan

We had a busy day today; lots of interesting things to do, and all in different parts of Reykjavik (we continue to be glad we rented a car; it really made things so much easier).

At noon we went to a concert at Landakotskirkja (the Cathedral of Christ the King), where we heard Hilmar Örn Agnarsson play several of Bach's works on the organ.

It was such a sunny, warm day outside that after lunch we decided to visit Grasagarður, the botanic gardens. Lots of people were visiting, and lots of little kids were running about. Quite a few gardeners were out taking care of the gardens, too.

Ed remembered that one place we had considered going to Perlan (the Pearl), which has a fancy restaurant (which we did not go to), a cafeteria, a few shops, and a viewing platform that offered elevated views of Reykjavik and the ocean.

We had planned to go on the Haunted Walk tour this evening, but what with all the walking we've been doing lately and that rather large (but delicious) gelato I may or may not have eaten this afternoon, I was cold and tired, so I curled up under two blankets and accidentally took a short nap. When we went out for dinner, it had become overcast and started raining, so at least I was glad not to have been walking around for up to two hours in the cold, wet weather.

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