Sunday, June 9, 2013

Iceland: In Preparation

We're leaving for Iceland next weekend, and in preparation for our travels, the following have been acquired (we overcompensate and like to plan for all contingencies):
  • travel-sized power strips (two of which have USB ports)
  • international all-in-one travel plug adaptor (I bought a couple of these for a previous European trip, and they turned out to have been one of the most useful purchases.)
  • a sun hat (Despite being of Italian and Syrian descent, I am also half Irish, and I tend to crispify very easily. I may or may not share the hat with Ed, who encouraged me to buy the hat, and then made fun of how I looked in it.)
  • SPF 100+ sunscreen (Crispy Michelle is not effective Michelle. I once got sunburn on my scalp. Showers were not fun for awhile. Also, a peeling scalp is painful and looks like dandruff and no matter of explanation helps. Skillz: I haz them.) (P.S. I may not be sharing the sunscreen either, although that may be a bit on the mean side.)
  • Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide - Iceland (The Eyewitness Travel Guides are our favorite series of travel books.)
  • Bradt Travel Guide - Iceland
  • The Rough Guide to Iceland
  • a travel map (Seemed kinda like a good idea. You know, in case we make a wrong turn, and somehow end up in Maine.)
  • Ed also had his Android smartphone unlocked and bought a single-country SIM card so we could stay connected and access Google Maps for driving directions, etc.

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