Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 4: Akureyi & Dalvik

We've had a busy day today. We started off by visiting Akureyri Cathedral, a Lutheran church that requires one to walk up approximately 3,728 steps.

We also discovered St. Peter's Church (a small Catholic church where we'll be getting Mass on Sunday). Not too far away from St. Peter's Church were the Botanical Gardens, which were beautiful, and were being attended to by students from the local junior college, who apparently earn both some manner of course credit and a stipend in exchange for caring for the gardens.

Ed had discovered the small but charming Akureyri Museum, where we saw exhibits on the Northern Lights and early Icelandic and Akureyri settlements. After lunch at the Icelandic Hamburger Factory, we took a short drive to the Kjarnaskógur Forest and explored some of the paths. Children were everywhere, and there were streams and plenty of playgrounds and picnic benches available. (We decided that this is the type of place we'd like to retire to: lots of open outdoors where we could spend time, but still access to services and other people.)

In the evening we went on a whale watching tour in Dalvik, where we saw a humpback whale and were given the opportunity to fish near the end of our voyage (I wasn't sure I could keep my balance, though). Ed, however, did great; he caught two fish, the second being a very impressive cod indeed.

It was a great tour; very cold, but we were given some hot chocolate and a cookie to keep us going. While we headed back to the dock, one of the sea travel guides cleaned and filleted the fish that we'd caught, and once we'd docked, the captain grilled the catch that had been swimming less than 30 minutes previously in the Greenland sea 30 minutes previously.

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